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Telling Time the Modern Way

“Digital” is a hot word nowadays, isn’t it? It seems like everything has “gone digital”, from computer files to photographs to media lines. It might be hard to remember this time, but watches looked quite different before this digital revolution. They used to only have hands on them, never numbers, but now even most of them have gone digital.

Digital watches have exploded in popularity because men don’t use their watches in the same way that they used to. Men also have different lifestyles than their fathers did. Think about it: did you ever see your Dad go for a long run around town? Never! He might have come home and kicked a ball around with you for a few minutes after work, but he never donned running shorts and took a jog around the neighbourhood. The neighbours would have been scandalized to see your father running around in his underwear!

Well, today, men not only run around in shorts quite a bit, they also bike and skate and ski in record numbers. Today’s man doesn’t want to die of heart disease at an early age, so he is doing all he can to stay fit and trim. He also eschews smoking because he was never a big fan of lung cancer, and now that his chest is free and clear, he is ready to run several miles.


For such active men, a quick glance at their watches must give them the information that they need. They don’t have a lot of time to peer at simple hands. They want to see the time immediately as it is indicated numerically on their watch face. They also might want to measure how long it is taking them to bike certain distances, so the watch needs to have certain features that will enable them to do that.

Watches with hands have not completely disappeared, of course, but they are not practical for half-marathons, 20K bike rides or an hour of inline skating. That’s why many watches have gone digital.

Casio was one of the first watch brands to switch to the digital display, and it still offers a wide variety of both classic and sporty watches that will give you the time in a quickly readable fashion. The number and variety of features on Casio watches boggles the mind, from shock resistance for those men who climb mountains (or plan to) to Waveceptors that suit the man who spends time in the water.

A wide variety of alarms also make Casio watches practical for men who need to rise early, fight a fire, break camp or any other number of active choices. Yet, the watches are not simply utilitarian. They come in a wide variety of very attractive styles, helping you to maintain a classic look even when you’re sweating profusely at kilometer 14. With an abundant array of colors to choose from, Casio can give your style a flair with a look to match any outfit that you are wearing. They even make watches with hands, too, for that celebratory meal out after your latest sporting conquest.

Finally, Casio has long been synonymous with affordability that does not sacrifice quality, and that has not changed over the years, no matter how widely the digital revolution spreads. Posted by for Stand Out.

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