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TFI Black Friday – 20% Off!!!

Roll up! Roll up! It’s Black Friday!!! And as our own special Black Friday treat to you guys we’re offering a mahoosive 20% off selected new season styles, across a huge range of brands including Hilfiger Denim, Farah Vintage, Religion Clothing and many more! Not just today but ALL WEEKEND!!!! Now is the time to put the finishing touches to your winter wardrobe or direct your parents/partner to the site armed with your letter to Santa.

20% off!!!


FACT FANS: Ever wondered what Black Friday means? Well read on….

Black Friday originates in America, as, traditionally, the first weekend after Thanksgiving was when people would start doing their Christmas shopping. Due to the popularity of the day for spending, shopkeepers would reduce their prices to attract customers, and Black Friday Sales were born. Because of this many believe that the name Black Friday refers to the store owners going ‘into the black’, ie making a profit.

According to another source however, the term Black Friday has darker roots. Apparently, police officers in Philadelphia have referred to the Friday after Thanksgiving as ‘Black Friday’ since the 1930s, due to the big football game that would take place in the city on this weekend every year. The crowds from the match, plus the frenzied post-Thanksgiving sales shoppers, meant that policing the city was an absolute nightmare – with queues, riots, congestion and fights breaking out over the best reductions – so the police named the day Black Friday.

Lucky for you guys you can avoid the queues and craziness of the city centre and do all your Black Friday shopping online. Put your feet up, grab a mulled wine and enjoy spending your 20% discount from the comfort of your own sofa. Cheers!

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