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The Beer Benefits – 5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Drinking It

Dry January.

That hideous month that arrives just after the Christmas festivities. Not only are you waving goodbye to all the great food, but you are also waving goodbye to your favourite tipple for a whole month in an attempt to rejuvenate your body from the damage done over the previous month.

Whilst experts suggest that going dry for whole 30 days has significant health benefits such as lower cholesterol, more energy and an improved sleep cycle. We have also discovered that drinking beer can have a few health benefits of its own… Here are 5 of our favourites to help you justify picking up a pint in February.

1. It can help reduce the risk of heart disease
Beer contains powerful and naturally occurring antioxidants called Phenols. The Phenols in beer can help to reduce the risk of heart disease. A recent eye opening study in Italy using 200,000 subjects found that those who drank just one pint of beer per day had a whopping 31% reduced chance of heart disease. However, they also found that drinking more than this per day increased the chances of heart disease… Remember, moderation is key.

2. Quicker recovery rate
Weights. Cardio. Beer.

We’re being completely honest with you here. A Spanish study found that a heady brew could be more beneficial to you than water after a tough sesh in the gym.

Students were asked to workout until their body temperature reached 104 degrees and then they rehydrated with beer or water. Those who drank beer proved to be more hydrated than their buddies on H20.

3. It can help to minimize the risk of cancer
Along with the Phenols beer contains an exceptional antioxidant that goes by the name of Xanthohumol. This antioxidant has proven to fight off anti cancer producing enzymes. Moderate beer consumption helps to fight of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women.

4. Beer can keep your kidneys healthy
A study in Finland has discovered that beer, among other alcoholic beverages, can help to improve the health of your kidneys. Apparently each bottle of beer you drink can help to reducing the chances of kidney stones by up to 40%. Beers high water content (approx. 93%) helps to flush out toxins from your kidneys and the hops help to reduce calcium build up.

5. Lower your blood pressure
The professors over at Harvard University found that those who drank beer had a lower blood pressure than those who drank wine or cocktails.

High blood pressure can be linked to a number of health problems, but research suggests that regular beer drinking can reduce your hypertension.

So… it turns out beer isn’t so bad for you after all. Clearly there are a number of health benefits that can be attributed to drinking beer however, the key thing to remember is that moderation is key!

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