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The Classic Lines of Franklin and Marshall

Franklin and Marshall is a popular men’s clothing line based in Verona, Italy. The company formed in 1999 with the desire to create stylish and comfortable clothes that combined Italian design and American collegiate style. The founders of this company ran across an old sweatshirt form Franklin and Marshall College, a school located in the Pennsylvania and founded by American legend Benjamin Franklin, in a second-hand London clothing store. Inspired by the classic look of the simple sweatshirt, the founders created Franklin and Marshall, borrowing the name of the college gear that so inspired them. Today, over ten years later, the company has created a clothing line that is still reminiscent of their original inspiration.

Because of this, shoppers will notice a distinct American collegiate feel to the clothing Franklin and Marshall has to offer. While the company’s roots focus on comfortable sweatshirts, hoodies, and polos, the company has expanded to include various other clothing options such as socks, sweat pants, t-shirts, jackets, shorts, jeans, sweaters and many more.  While the company may be inspired by American college apparel, they design their clothes in the classic Italian style, creating a unique mix of quality, comfortable clothing that appeals to almost anyone. Although they do design clothes for both men and women, the men’s comfortable sweatshirts will also appeal to women and men may find their Franklin and Marshall sweatshirts disappearing and turning up in their girlfriend’s closets.

Men looking for comfortable and unique casual clothing will find exactly what they are looking for at Franklin and Marshall. Available in stores across Italy as well as through many online sources, the clothing is easy to find and easy to afford. It mixes well with any other brands you might already have in your closet, so you won’t need to splash out too much for a whole new wardrobe. Posted by for Stand Out.

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