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The Difference Between Comfort and Bone Chill

Taking a stroll in wintertime requires a bit of preparation. You need to part the drapes and see if it’s raining, sleeting or snowing, and then you need to dress appropriately for maximum comfort. You can’t just sit around your flat all day. There are errands to run, people to see, adventures to have. Winter’s cold cannot force you into hibernation; it’s time to get outside and sample nature.

Before you open your door to venture into the great outdoors, you’ll need to think “warm” from toe to head. Start from the bottom up, with a sporty pair of boots to keep your feet away from the slush and cold. Be sure to pull those socks up as high as they go; those little footies you wore all summer will leave your ankles frozen solid now.

Add a comfy pair of cords and you’re halfway there. Up top, go with that button-down shirt and add a knit for extra warmth. You’ll need that layer when the wind chill dips the temps to single digits, trust me.

Pull on that chic coat that has lasted another winter, find those leather gloves and you’re almost on your way. The gloves part will slow you down; you’re going to need some extra time to search for that right one. The left one always seems to be in place, but that right one has a mind of its own, doesn’t it? (Do gloves have legs? It sure seems like it.)

Your coat has a hood, so you won’t need a hat that will muss your hair. You’re all set, right? Wrong! You couldn’t be more wrong. You can still venture outside with all of that covering and freeze to the bone. You need one more article, one more piece to complete the ensemble and keep your body temperature near normal.

That indispensable accessory is the scarf. Oh, how we can sing its praises! It comes in team colors or has been knitted carefully from one ball of yarn. It can match your plaid or feature just a few bold stripes. It can be wrapped around your neck twice or thrice, or just be looped in one elegant draping.

The scarf, yes, the scarf will make your walk one of those memorable times where you treasure the cold air on your lungs, enjoy seeing your breath, even fight through the involuntary tears, and live to tell about it. The scarf is THE most necessary bolt of fabric that you will need to block winter’s chill.

Peter Werth is a top British designer who has perfected the scarf in a host of suitable colors. Long enough to cover your neck in at least two spirals, handsome enough to accent your coat, effective enough to enable you to stay outdoors for even long promenades, Peter Werth scarves complete your look without emptying your wallet.

The brand also offers a gorgeous variety of shirts, coats, jackets, blazers, knits and shoes so that you can go Peter Werth from head to toe. Just don’t forget the scarf, or you’ll shiver every step of the way to the shop. Posted by for Stand Out.

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