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The Evolution of G-Star

1989, Amsterdam.

The carousel of curious people continues to spin as people from all walks of life adorn the city of Amsterdam. A tranquil scene at daybreak as a mother cycles, unperturbed by the remnants from last night’s antics, with her son along the winding canals that make up the cities veins. Day turns quickly into night and once again the city is littered with revellers basking in the red glow that illuminates the cobbled streets. Amsterdam is alive, vibrant and colourful.

From the depths of the vibrant snaking streets emerges a store that is fixated on the philosophy of ‘Just the product’. G-Star was born. The store quickly established itself and became a hit in the Dutch capital by creating luxury denim for the streets. Fusing together the highest level of craftsmanship with an exciting urban edge G-Star was evolving from a small street store into a global phenomenon.

The company is motivated by the intense beauty of denim and use a variety of washes and treatments to bring out the materials unique characteristics and qualities. G-Star regularly produces distinctive designs that are of exceptional quality and they are now at the forefront of street wear. The once small company has rapidly expanded worldwide and is available in more than 80 countries. Recently G-Star has made a number of collaborations with stars such as Afrojack, Eva Shaw, Marc Newson and Pharell Williams and let’s face it, when you have Pharrell on your team you know you are on to a winning formula.

If you still need some convincing that you need to add a little G-Star into your life then take a look at our best bits below or come and visit the store at www.stand-out.net.

See you soon!

G-Star Medium Aged D-Staq 3d Super Slim Jeans – £124.95

G-Star Medium Aged D-Staq 3d Super Slim Jeans

The D-Staq range from G-Star is a new hybrid range of jeans that feature a minimum of 5 pockets mixed with the tailoring of a chino.

G-Star Vulcan Core Logo Sweatshirt – £59.95

G-Star Vulcan Core Logo Sweatshirt

This jumper is a simple but effective piece for your wardrobe this season. We love the mustard colour that will certainly help you stand out when teamed with some dark jeans. The large ribbed cuffs are a nice feature to finish the sweater off.

G-Star Light Vintage Aged Blake Denim Overshirt – £129.95

G-Star Light Vintage Aged Blake Denim Overshirt

The vintage inspired over shirt is reminiscent of what you would find in an old French industrial warehouse and it brings with it all the charm too. Beautifully constructed denim over shirt that has character in abundance. This is one not to be missed!

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