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The Famous Baracuta Jacket, Shirt & Top Collection

The definitive Baracuta jacket has been worn by some of the greatest men in Britain. Dressing icons and legends since 1937, the Baracuta brand is home to some of the most famous and celebrated pieces of clothing, recognised around the world. The G9 Harrington Baracuta jacket is the first and the original, with many imitations, but if you are looking for the one and only, shop online with Stand-Out.net today.

Browse online for a Baracuta jacket, shirt or top. If you want to follow in the footsteps of legends like Steve McQueen, Elvis and Sinatra, there is no other outerwear more superior than the famous Baracuta jacket. This page is dedicated to the established brand and its most classic collections.

Steve McQueen Baracuta

Baracuta Jacket; the legend
Made in Manchester in 1937, this distinguished fashion label for men is notoriously British. Worn by legends of the past and rock stars of today, the Baracuta jacket is for anyone who wants to define themselves as a modern man with timeless taste.

Here at Stand-Out.net, we are dedicated to bringing you exclusive collections from top brands, and our online shopping website is renowned for its vast range of both high end and high street labels. From premium brands to popular designers, all of our pieces have been carefully selected for the discerning male. We specialise in men’s designer clothing and our Baracuta collection covers jackets, shirts and polo shirts, suitable for a number of different occasions.

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We’ve made men’s designer shopping so much easier. With our easy-to-navigate website, our huge portfolio of brands, and convenient delivery direct to your door, you can update your wardrobe all year round. We know our clothes and we know our labels; shop with us for the most sought after names at great prices.
For a Baracuta jacket, shirt or top, shop online here… Posted by for Stand Out.

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