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The Franklin and Marshall Football Field

While there is basketball and baseball in the USA, in Italy there is soccer – so Franklin & Marshall gave the gift of an entire football field to its home town of Verona.

We don’t ask for much here at StandOut. Give us a roaring fire in the winter, lunchtime cocktails in the summer (non alcoholic of course), a stylish wardrobe for all four seasons, and our very own football pitch please! Well if we don’t ask, we won’t get. The problem is, we won’t get. At least we all look good in the latest collections from the best brands such as Franklin and Marshall.

We may not have our own football pitch – although I’m not sure what we’d do with it as we all kick like girls – but the beautiful city of Verona in Italy, the hometown of Franklin and Marshall, has now been given the gift of everlasting sport. The Franklin and Marshall football field is located in Via Ippolito Nievo, behind the ancient 14th century city wall, so it’s already steeped with local history. Dedicated to supporting the country’s national sporting events and activities, the Franklin and Marshall sporting ground is a significant landmark.

Franklin and Marshall

A Gift to Home – Sport, Play, Exercise, Recognition

The city of Verona now has its very own grounds to call its own, promoting healthy living, competitive activities, social interaction, and local / regional pride. Complete with the easily recognisable Franklin and Marshall sign, it’s a heartfelt and meaningful gift from the creators of Franklin and Marshall clothing to its home town. Sport can provide a motive for recuperating neglected urban areas, and can encourage young people to get involved in team sports. This gives the youths of today something to dedicate their time to, and offers the freedom of recreation – somewhere to play, somewhere to learn, somewhere to meet new people.

Many years ago, Verona was famous for the sporting achievements at the shooting range. Today, the city has restored its sporting importance and has been reclassified in accordance with its historic and artistic value. This is all thanks to one of our favourite vintage brands. Shop for Franklin and Marshall clothing on our website. Posted by for Stand Out.

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