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The Gio Goi Biker Jacket – How to Look Good in Leather

Leather is back and we’re loving the latest Goi Goi Jackets, but how can you pull it off without looking like a Hells Angel, just escaped from a Dutch prison?

Just in case there are any big and hairy Hells Angels reading this all the way from Holland, we have nothing against your unique look. It’s pretty awesome in fact. We just don’t feel it’s going to get us very far with the ladies in the pub on a Friday night. Apparently, British women are partial to the sensitive male. So if you want to pull off the leather jacket, you’d better get in touch with your feminine side some other way. The Gio Goi Biker Jacket is made from tough, manly leather (grrr!), but its soft edges means that you can still wear it with your mum’s knitted scarf… don’t pretend that you don’t have one.

The Gio Goi Jacket is crafted from the most luxurious Napa leather and featuring perforated sides, collars and arms, the jacket is simply a fine piece of work from the people over at Gio Goi HQ. Here at StandOut, we’re loving the leathery return but pulling it off is another story.

Gio Goi Jackets

So how should you wear the Gio Goi Biker Jacket?

1. Don’t do head-to-toe leather – If you match the Gio Goi Biker Jacket with David Hasselhoff leather pants then you need to rethink your fashion sense. Leather is not to be matched with more leather – unless we’re talking about your leather watch or shoes – that is fine.
2. Mix with denim – denim and leather go hand in hand and if you want to add a touch of casualness to the Gio Goi leather jacket, choose some lovely dark denims from our great jeans section.
3. Do accessorise! With a leather jacket, it’s all about accessories so trendy scarves, brightly coloured polo shirts, and poser sunglasses always go down a treat.

Leather is well and truly back and if you find good quality leather, it’s definitely worth investing in. Shop online at StandOut.Net for Gio Goi Jackets and leather jackets… Posted by for Stand Out.

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