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The Golden Era of Tennis and Bjorn Borg

Those who promote the sport of tennis today decry the lack of passion among fans around the world. Yes, the Grand Slam tournaments still have healthy attendance and the stadiums are usually full for the finals. However, tennis rarely enters the conversation when sports in general are discussed. In fact, it can be very hard to remember who the top players are at any given time. Where have you gone Bjorn Borg?

One of the reasons for this lack of interest is because the game has fundamentally changed. Players, for the most part, rarely come to the net to volley any more, they simply stand on the baseline and pound the ball as hard as they can with the help of their supercharged racquets. Matches become slugfests and the stylishness that tennis used to engender has faded away with the phasing out of the wooden racquet, among other changes.

Because the technology has changed, the style of play has become uniform, thus guaranteeing that in just about every match that you would happen to watch, you will see the same type of action—ball after ball crushed to the corners of the court, rocket serves pounding in for aces on a regular basis, very little tactical maneuvering or variety of shots. Is it any wonder that people are tuning out in record numbers?

It wasn’t always that way. There was a time when players were known worldwide and ranked among the top celebrities on the planet. Their faces were instantly recognizable and they looked as different as they played. Some stayed on the baseline and pounded the ball, sure, but others came to the net on a regular basis. Still others featured a wide array of shots, from slices to topspin to drop shots to wild changes of pace. Tennis matches were art forms then, and the sport enjoyed an all-time high of popularity.

Bjorn Borg Underwear

Among the icons of this golden era of tennis in the 1970s and ‘80s was Bjorn Borg. Proof of tennis’ popularity during that era is the fact that his name is still instantly recognizable by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Bjorn was not only dashing, handsome and mysterious, he was an unbelievable player, the first man to win Wimbledon five times in a row, among his other major tournament victories.

The women loved him, and perhaps they’ll love you, too, when you sample some of the apparel that bears Bjorn Borg’s name. The Swedish superstar has made a nice splash in the fashion industry, and he seeks to duplicate his debonair style with his clothing line, which features everything from colorful trunks to a wide variety of bottoms in his undergarment line. When you wear these snazzy brief, you’ll feel as masculine and sporting as Bjorn Borg himself, and they could provoke the same reaction in the woman in your life that Borg’s infrequent public appearances used to provoke when he jetted around the world. Posted by for Stand Out.

Your lady might not squeal with delight like adoring teens used to when Bjorn Borg walked through a crowd, but then again, once she sees these hot styles, she just might! Add to the fun by sampling Bjorn Borg underwear or line of shoes and accessories, borrowing a little of his elegant style for your wardrobe as well.

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