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The History of Jeans

Denim, Denim, Denim, we’re all about Denim right now at Stand-Out. With the likes of brands such as Levi’s, Edwin, G-Star and Replay producing a whole range of fits and styles to put on your pins, we take a look into the history of this versatile fabric…

The Denim story begins in Europe, originally a fabric worn by Italian sailors created in the cotton city of Genoa. The French town of Nîmes discovered the Italian material and decided to replicate it for themselves. They failed, but what was created went by the name “de Nîmes”. Join up the words and you have the beginning of our story, however it wasn’t Europe that first established Jeans, it was our friends in old America.

A partnership between Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis burst jeans into the commercial scene. A trouser created for the working man, the natural strength of the fabric went down a treat with the likes of gold miners and ranch owners.

In the 1930’s cowboys straddled their horses and galloped into the horizon, impressing the ladies in their 501’s. During this period Levi’s were a household name. However, a break in the production occurred in the 1940’s due to World War 2 but shortly after Levis soon gained strong competitors in the name of Wrangler and Lee.

In the 1950s Marilyn Monroe was a huge influence in bringing jeans into the female market. The youth of this rebellious era partnered their jeans with leather jackets and rebellious attitude. This look, sported by James Dean and the Ramones, was always going to catch on!

We only have one word for the 60s and 70s … FLARES! You’ll find it hard to find something that the generation of the 60s and 70s didn’t experiment with, including jeans. Embracing the hippy movement with embroidery and patterns it was inevitable they were going to experiment with the staple item of their wardrobe!

In the 1980s mods, metalheads and rockers took over the scene populating the nation with the skinnier, almost painted on, style of jean. Partnered with a Ben Sherman or Fred Perry the 1980s had some of the coolest kids around.

Which brings us to the 1990s, one of the best decades for fashion in all time. With the likes of Take That, The Spice Girls and Oasis taking the world by storm fashion was bound to take a turn. In the 90s denim took a back seat to the likes of tracky bottoms, poppers, loud prints & khaki. However when hip hop stomped all over the scene it bought denim back with it. The classic “jeans below the bum” look saved denim from disappearing a world of Gameboys, Tamagotchis and Furbys.

To now, the present day… 2016! We live in a world full of denim… Whether it be jackets, jeans, shirts, shorts, you name it, we wear it and why on earth not? Denim is the perfectly complimentary item to any outfit it’s comfy, fashionable and we rock it with style! Here’s a few of our favourites for you to get your hands on…

The 519 Extreme Skinny Fit Wilderness Jeans from Levi’s come in Mid Denim. This pair of jeans also features a zip fly and classic five pocket style. With a brand tab behind the waistband and a brand label on the right back pocket, these jeans also have sits below waist and super skinny from hip to ankle.


The ED-80 Drop Crotch Slim Fit Jeans from Edwin come in Deep Blue Denim, featuring a classic five pocket design and a zip fly. With a brand tab at the back of the waistband, these men’s jeans sport a slim fit.


These Revend Super Slim Jeans from G-Star come in a light aged destroy design, made from a slander grey superstretch fabric. With a classic five pocket style which includes reinforced back pockets, these jeans feature a zip fly and a brand tab behind the fixed waistband.


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