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The Hunt is on – Hunter

Trudging through the mud or splashing in puddles? Wet weather walking or weeklong working? The iconic Hunter Wellington boots are loved by farmers, festival go-ers and everyone in between and are now split between the Hunter Field and Hunter Original collections to suit every need.

We know the season is approaching in which these will come in super handy, so we wanted to give you some quick tips on buying your first pair of Hunter boots.

1. The perfect fit
Hunter boots tend to run a little on the large size (and only come in whole sizes) so you may wish to purchase a size down for the best possible fit. Also, the larger your shoe size, the taller the Hunter rain boot will be. This generally works out well and proportionate for your height but if you are 5’6 with size 14 feet, you may want to try before you buy.

2. Keep your Hunters clean
Rubber boots over time tend to build a white fog layer on them. This is totally natural and there’s even a fancy name for it “blooming”. Some people think this brings character to their boots others are inclined to disagree. If you don’t like the “bloom” then there is a simple solution – boot-buffer. Simply spray this on your Hunters and you will remain bloom-free and happy.

3. Sock appropriately
One of the great things about Hunter boots is they are completely waterproof. However, this doesn’t mean your feet won’t get cold on those long dog walks in the park. We recommend a pair of welly socks or a thicker-than-your-average sock alternative (you could even double up on your normal socks if you didn’t want to purchase new ones). These will keep your feet toasty and will make your welly-wearing experience a whole lot more enjoyable!

4. Colour right
Without a doubt, green is the most popular Hunter colour around. It’s the king-pin of Hunter boots, the ruler of the Hunter kingdom, although there are a wide range of fun and daring colours to choose from. Once you have your classic pair of greens, why not buy another in a more risky colour. If you’re not necessarily the most flamboyant type, there’s a wide selection of blues, greys & purples to choose from. But, if you are, then you could opt for vibrant alternatives like orange or yellow… and why not? The dog walker from number 49 may just recognise you on your next walk!

The Original Side Adjustable Wellies from Hunter come in Dark Olive, featuring adjustable buckles and the finest natural rubber. These men’s boots are to be cleaned with lukewarm water and they dry naturally. The boots also sport the brand label just below the lip in the front.


From Hunter come the Original Short Wellies in Black, featuring the brand label just below the lip in the front. These men’s boots are to be cleaned with lukewarm water and they dry naturally. The boots also sport adjustable buckles and the finest natural rubber.


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