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The Loafer Lowdown – Smart Shoe Choice

The loafer could be regarded as the most popular men’s shoe of all time. First introduced over 100 years ago the loafer has dipped in and out of fashion trends, but more recently, been regarded as an item that must feature in the wardrobe of every man. The loafer has often been deemed as a complex piece of footwear that can muster a whole host of fashion disasters, but what is absolutely undeniable is that this super slip on offers comfort and style in abundance.

The origins of the traditional loafer can be traced back to a London based shoe company Wildsmith Shoes in 1847, where the design was aimed at wealthy aristocrats as an everyday shoe. Later on, in the 1930s, a young Norwegian shoemaker Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger combined his experiences from America with his passion for his hometown of Aurland and created a lace less moccasin that soon was distributed across Europe. The loafer trend had taken off and it wasn’t long before you would have to go a long way to find a loafer-less wardrobe.

Since then loafers have taken on a range of different styles, materials and variations and with our help you can be sure to pick up the finest pair for any occasion.

Leather Vs Suede?

Like most items of footwear the choice of material that makes up the shoe is either leather or suede. Each material produces a fine shoe, but you need to know which one will suit your style needs best.

The leather loafer is generally a sturdier shoe and can be worn throughout the winter months. As with all leather, it will age nicely and the more expensive the leather, the better it will look with years behind it. The leather option will look great with either a smart or casual look.

Suede suits the summer. If you understand footwear you will recognise that suede in the winter is an absolute no no. The material should not be forced to face the elements, as too much moisture will destroy this fine fabric. Suede loafers are a great look in the spring/summer and provide a more casual look than their leather friends.

H By Hudson Tobacco Manuel Suede Loafers – £62.95

H By Hudson Tobacco Manuel Suede Loafers

The ‘Tobacco Manuel’ suede loafers are a beautiful summer colour that will look great when teamed with shorts or jeans. The suede upper brings a casual feel to your outfit this summer.

The Penny Loafer

The classic casual style moccasin shoe. The name ‘Penny Loafer’ derives from the time when people would store a dime or a penny in the diamond cut out on the front of the shoe.

Penny loafers can be dressed up or down but for the best looks think chinos, shorts, t shirts and varsity jackets.

Base London Snake Navy Morgan Loafers – £38.95

Base London Snake Navy Morgan Loafers

The Tassel Loafer

The tassel loafers were brought to fame by American film star Paul Lukas after he asked a shoe company to design a shoe based upon an Oxford tasselled style he picked up in Europe.

This style is slightly more sophisticated and will look dapper against a well tailored suit.

H By Hudson Cognac Zair Calf Shoes – £62.95

H By Hudson Cognac Zair Calf Shoes

The Slipper

That’s right. It is acceptable to wear slippers outside of your bedroom. In recent years the slipper style has grown in popularity, mainly because they can bring a suave edge to a casual outfit. Often made with a suede or sometimes velvet upper the slipper should be finished with a leather sole and an air of class and Jeffrey West have certainly got that right with this pair.

Jeffery West Cabra Ocean Jung Ocena Croste Suede Shoes – £164.95

Jeffery West Cabra Ocean Jung Ocena Croste Suede Shoes

The loafer is an extremely popular shoe and we firmly believe that the right pair can finish off your outfit better than the cherry on the cake. Remember to go sockless when wearing loafers and keep a sharp break between the shoe and your trouser to highlight the detail of your shoe.

To view these and more loafers head over to www.stand-out.net.

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