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The Many Looks of Selected Clothing

Autumn and winter require a change in wardrobe for most people, since they will need to choose clothes that will keep them warm even when snow and hail hit. The problem with a lot of winter attire for guys is that these have been designed for warmth and nothing else, which means that fashion-forward gents will have to settle for looking sloppy for a few months before they can slip into trendier clothes come spring. Recognizing this dilemma, Selected clothing offers a line that allows men to feel comfortable and look fashionable even during the cold months.

Selected clothing is a brand from Denmark that was launched in 1997, featuring clothes that are as functional as they are stylish. What distinguishes Selected from other clothing stores is that it combines practicality with style, specializing in producing clothes especially for autumn and winter so that you can remain nice and warm even as you continue to look trendy during the cool seasons.

Selected clothing offers different lines to their consumers who are looking for classic yet new items that they can wear on a day-to-day basis. They specialize in creating clothes that look as though they have been tailor-made for the wearer. For this reason, Selected clothing may not be the best choice for teenagers, as these clothes have been designed with young adults (ages between 20 and 35) in mind. The brand’s collections include:

  • Trend. The designs of the Trend line of Selected clothes is all about mixing sophistication with edginess, by combining classic lines with modern detailing for the modern man who wants to create a look that draws attention to himself.
  • Formal. The Formal line of Selected clothing is especially made for businessmen who want to look professional without being stiff. Clothes in this line feature elegant and masculine lines, perfect for the men who want to climb to the top of the career ladder.
  • Selected. The Selected line is perfect for those who have a casual taste in clothes, who prefer looking laidback without looking sloppy.
  • Casual. The Casual line is perfect for men who want to dress down while still looking their best.
  • Jeans. Jeans is all about embracing masculinity, featuring clothes that are relaxed as they are raw, perfect for the men who want to show off their edgy, rock star image.

Long-sleeved shirts, jackets, and coats, are the staple of these lines, although you can also find denim jeans and chinos from Selected as well. The beauty about the clothing is that the brand offers their clothes at a very reasonable price, because the company understands that even those who don’t have a lot of budget for clothes still want to look like a million bucks whenever they put a foot outside the door.

Today, Selected clothing has established its presence in 25 countries all over the globe, silent testament of just how many people have selected the brand for their clothing needs. If you want to get cheap clothes that look fashionable and will keep you warm during autumn and winter, Selected clothing is the brand for you.

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