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The New Generation – Converse Chuck II

Feet all over the world rejoiced when Converse revealed the redesign of its famous Chuck Taylor All Star in July 2015. The first new design in 98 years… we can’t wait to try them on!

Chuck Taylor

The much-hyped Converse Chuck IIs almost completely sold out on the day they were released and we understand why. Besides Jordans, it’s hard to imagine a shoe more iconic and beloved than the Chuck Taylor.

The new Chucks are super comfy, mainly because at the core of the design there is a new foamy insole made of Lunarlon, a springy foam material designed by one of the biggest brands in town, Nike. Besides the insole, the biggest change is the no-slip tongue, which indeed does not slip. It’s a huge change for the Chuck Taylor. They’ve got a real structure that supports your ankles and are most definitely a luxury version of the retro original.


With the original silhouette remaining intact, the brand said it took pains to improve the shoe without altering the DNA that makes it a global favourite; we think the end result is the perfect medicine for Converse. The iconic Chuck Taylor patch is now embroidered on the upper, giving the trainer a smarter edge than the simple stamp used previously.


A major shift in the brand’s approach to innovation, the improved Chuck Taylor is still suitable for all geeks, nerds, smart kids, rebels and style gods alike. Like the old version it is still a universally appealing trainer for any personality or wardrobe. It’s a classless shoe worn by every man, woman and child. You don’t think Converse would mess that up do you?

Converse haven’t killed off the original Chuck Taylor, instead, it sits alongside its upgraded brother on retail stands with complete disregard for the confusion caused by having a competing product that looks almost the same, yet feel so different. If they had axed the original I think this would be the beginning of World War III.

Converse Trainers

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