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The Pete Doherty Gio Goi T Shirt

Our unruly and mischievous (but favourite) Goi Goi t shirt wearer is bringing back true rock and roll…

Either that or he’s just an absolute plonker! You could absolutely worship the ground he walks on or hate him enough to gauge out his eyeballs, but there’s no denying that the Babyshambles star looks damn fine in his Gio Goi t shirt range. Making it look as rock ‘n’ roll as ever, he launches his collaborative work with the successful clothing brand with a London gig. Would we expect anything less than a bit of mid-week stage diving and crowd surfing? Nope.

Posing in his signature Gio Goi t shirt, our trouble-making hooligan (let’s not kid ourselves – he’s no Hannah Montana) could have followed in his on-off ‘are they/aren’t they’ ex-girlfriend’s footsteps and taken a plunge into the fashion world. Rock music and fashion have always been next door neighbours, and it’s sweeter than Ramsay Street when they get together. Goi Goi t shirts, designed, promoted and worn by Pete Doherty have been increasingly popular since the famous rocker sported his very first t-shirt.

Pete Doherty Gio Goi

Gio Goi, Fashion Brand of The Year

The Gio Goi brand is the current holder of the Drapers ‘Fashion Brand of The Year’ Award. Gio Goi tshirts, hoodies, and other clothing are worn not only by the Babyshambles front man, but other rock stars such as Kasabian’s Tom Meighan, Amy Winehouse and the Arctic Monkeys. The exciting fusion of music and fashion has launched Gio Goi into the limelight, and our naughty boy Mr Doherty has certainly created a buzz about the brand.

Pete is the face of the Gio Goi section on our website and is captured wearing a navy and white official Gio Goi tshirt. Get your own… Posted by for Stand Out.

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