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The Secret To Keeping Warm Is Layering Your Clothes Well

Autumn is an Equinox season where the heat of the sun reduces significantly enough to make us feel chilly and grab for warmer clothes.  Many of us get caught out at this time of the year because we either wrap up too much and boil all day or we wear too little and suffer from the cold. There is a Norwegian saying, There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes,’ which is a very optimistic phrase considering the extremes of weather they have to encounter.  There is a waking shop in Keswick in the Lake District that has this phrase above the door as if to encourage walkers to buy the, ‘good’, clothes from their shop.

Duck and Cover, Bjorn Borg, Levis, Palladium and Foray Clothing

We are not going to suggest that you purchase a shed load of walking gear to help you to counteract the inclement weather.  We are in fact going to explore the concept of layering your clothes so that you can dress to impress and feel the right temperature whatever the weather.  We are going to look at how you can layer clothes from; Duck and Cover,  Bjorn Borg,  Levis, Palladium and our newest brand Foray Clothing to give you some ideas.

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Bjorn Borg As A Base Layer

Originated in Sweden it is hardly surprising that Bjorn Borg has thought about warm cosy underwear to keep you warm.  We are talking long johns, socks, underpants and a Levis vest top.  The purpose of the base layer is to draw sweat and moisture directly from the wearer’s skin so that they maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day.  If you choose to wear the whole suggested base layer ensemble you will be able to watch a bonfire or go trick or treating in great comfort.

Foray Clothing As A Mid Layer

Basically the purpose of the mid layer is to provide even more insulation, this layer needs to be looser than the base layer so that air can circulate and provide extra warmth.  Obviously you can mix and match brands to make up this layer but as we are all in a whirl about Foray Clothing at the moment we are going to use their pieces as an example.  This layer is made up of jeans, long sleeved polo and a zip up tracksuit top. All of these selected items are loose enough to allow air to circulate but close fitting enough to look tidy and stylish.

Duck and Cover As A Shell Layer and Palladium Boots

A shell or outer layer is the final layer that protects you against all of the elements and therefore needs to be wind and rain proof as well as allowing the moisture to evaporate.  We have chosen three robust coats from Duck and Cover that will certainly serve this purpose.  The Flitwick 4 in 1 Parka has its own mid layer included. While both the Richmond and Langport provide a robust and stylish waterproof outer layer.  We have suggested Palladium boots as a great footwear choice because there is nothing more miserable than cold damp feet to ruin your day.  Palladium are renowned for their hard wearing soles and robust tops and will definitely complete your Autumn ensemble.


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