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The ‘Short Suit’ is here

So we’ve been hearing this week that the suit jacket matched with a pair of shorts is becoming  the new thing. As the name suggests a short suit is, in essence, a formal suit but with shorts instead of full length trousers.  The forerunners in fashion have been trying to push this trend recently but understandably men are hesitant and so far we haven’t seen the look on too many members of the public…we’ve largely just seen it on Pharrell Williams to be honest.  If there has ever been a man who can rock a pair of shorts in any situation it is Pharrell, just take a look below and see him wearing short suits at three different formal occasions.

pharrell shorts suit

The trend isn’t actually anything new, think along the lines of oil paintings from a few hundred years ago – men in white wigs posing in front of a bookshelf, tailcoat, white socks pulled up to their knees.  Chances are they are wearing a short suit.

Wearing a full suit in the summer months can be a nightmare.  However, if you are not ready or daring enough to splash out on a fully tailored short suits why not try some of Stand Out’s smart shorts matched with a blazer or suit jacket so you can still look sharp even on those warmer days.

These French Connection Blue Oxford Denim Chino Shorts are a smart match to any grey blazer, and would look great paired with a crisp white shirt and either a tie or bow tie.

The Samsoe & Samsoe Balder Shorts are both simple and clean cut can be teamed with really any style or colour of jacket.

 s&s shorts


If you want to lighten it up and think a cream suit could be the way to go, the Edwin Cream Bermuda Twill Shorts would be perfect for any occasion, whether it be a day in the park, a festival or an evening out.  Plus a pale suit will always grab some attention, just be sure to keep it clean!

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