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The Staying Power of Converse

Converse shoes have been a popular brand of tennis shoes among all ages for almost 100 years. This popular shoe company has been making quality athletic shoes since 1908 and has a long history of providing fun and stylish athletic shoes to the world. The familiar star logo that appears on almost all Converse shoes makes them instantly recognizable and these long-lasting shoes quickly become favorites of all who own them.

Most commonly, people think of a certain brand of shoe commonly known as Chucks when they think of Converse shoes and most people have owned a pair or two of Chucks throughout their lifetime. Chucks gained popularity in the 1970s but have recently become very popular once again. Chucks, a simple, comfortable tennis shoe that comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, have recently become a popular option for young people, especially young men. It’s not uncommon to see hip, young, male celebrities out and about in their favorite pair of battered Chucks. The comfortable and stylish shoes are easy to wear and fun to personalize with a design or color that appeals to you.

Chucks are not the only popular style of shoe available from this shoe company, however. Converse makes a wide range of tennis shoes in varying styles and is well-known for their fun, special edition shoes celebrating certain celebrities or musicians. Many musicians, including The Grateful Dead, The Clash, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, and many others, have special edition pairs of tennis shoes that have special, unique designs and are often sold to make a profit for specific charities. Having a signature pair of shoes is a highly sought after status symbol by many in the entertainment industry. Additionally, many famous athletes, specifically basketball players, also favor styles of Converse athletic shoes both on and off the court. Posted by for Stand Out.

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