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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day. It is the one time a year that you get to say “Thank You” and show your appreciation to the man that brought you up in this world. The man that taught you how to be a man. To have values and morals, and to be strong enough to stick to those morals even when others are against you. He was your hero as you navigated your way through childhood and you tried your very best to be just like him. Right by your side at every tumble and fall, giving you the confidence to climb back up and conquer the world again.

You followed your father like a young Jedi learning the mastery of becoming a man. The very first time you learned to shave or were educated on the intricate relationships between the birds and the bees it was the wise old head or your father that came to the rescue. It’s fair to say that your father has played a pretty important role in your life throughout and now is the time to just show just how much you care.

Whilst all of these invaluable skills and lessons of life can never be repaid fully, we can certainly start by showing our gratitude on the 18th June. This is the date that the world will be celebrating the colossal contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children. Anyone who takes on the role of a male role model and parent deserves more than just a pat on the back. So if you’re still looking for some inspiration, here’s our ultimate guide to gifts this Father’s Day.

Hilfiger Denim Dark Brown Original Leather Thd Logo Belt – £34.95

Hilfiger Denim Dark Brown Original Leather Thd Logo Belt

You can never go wrong with a belt. Needed for everyday use and something the big man is unlikely to go shopping for. This is a classic style from Tommy Hilfiger with original leather and THD logo.

Polo Ralph Lauren Mahogany Card Case Logo Wallet – £24.95

Polo Ralph Lauren Mahogany Card Case Logo Wallet

Don’t miss out on a bargain! This is another staple item that oozes superiority and currently just a snippet of its usual price. Grab it now, before it’s too late.

Lyle & Scott Navy Logo Polo Shirt – £44.95

Lyle & Scott Navy Logo Polo Shirt

Did I hear you say that you are taking your dad for a round of golf this weekend? Perfect. The classic Lyle & Scott polo is a perfect match for the fairway or for the 19th hole afterwards.

Oakley Matte Black/Grey Latch Sunglasses – £114.95

Oakley Matte Black/Grey Latch Sunglasses

What better way to say thank you than with a new pair of shades. Summer season is about to kick in and if you are going for that round golf then we’re sure that your Dad might benefit from keeping the sun out of his eyes.

For more father’s day inspiration head over to www.standout.net.

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