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There’s Nothing Like Woodland Leathers

Why is it that many romantic outdoor scenes in movies feature men wearing leather jackets? Is it because leather jackets turn women on? Probably. But it’s also likely that men who attract women have a great sense of style, and that means that they wear leather outerwear.

Think of some of the hottest sex symbols of yesteryear — James Dean, Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Robert Redford. Now—quick–picture in your mind those stars from an iconic photograph that you’ve seen of them. What are they wearing? Bingo! A leather jacket. Dean perches gingerly on a motorcycle, McQueen is riding one in hell-bent style, Brando has his jacket hunched up around his ears, Newman and Redford are cavorting through the Wild West in theirs. Leather jackets all around, woman swooning to the ground.

You’ve got memories of your jacket as well, don’t you? Think about it: how many articles of clothing do you talk about as if they were a living entity. Of how many items do you say things like, “I remember that old jacket. I wore it …” Do you say that about shirts, suits (never!), shoes (possibly)?

I’ve got a leather jacket memory. It started with the week that I began to date my future wife. We re-met on a beach that had not welcomed warm winds yet, despite the fact that our universities were on spring break. Each night we would say good-bye next to the waves, returning to our respective hotels to join our roommates from school. I’ll never forget walking back to my hotel crying my eyes out. I had never been so moved by a woman, had never hated leaving one so much in my life. That’s why I told her after a couple of dates, “I could see myself married to you.” She thought I was spewing bullstuff. Twenty-six years of marriage later, I think she realizes I was sincere that night.

I wore a leather jacket on those cool, rainy evenings in March. It kept me protected from the drops that pelted me as I trudged home in sorrow. It could not shield me from the pain I felt at bidding adieu to my new love.

The designers at Woodland Leathers understand the role of leather in romance. They know that a leather jacket almost grows attached to your body, you wear it so often and so well. They know that the right cut and style will make women run to you. That’s why they spend so much time perfecting their designs and creating masterpieces that are as durable as they are handsome.

For almost 50 years now, Woodland Leathers have been outfitting sex symbols like you. They have built a sterling reputation for quality at a fair price. And, they recently expanded their expertise to make a variety of bags that will make you the coolest bloke in your office, by far. With all that leather walking into the room, you might need to fight off the secretaries each morning on your way to the coffee pot. Posted by for Stand Out.

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