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Time for a change – Choosing the best watch for Summer!


Watches are one of a man’s greatest accessories, just ask James Bond.  How many times has his wristwatch saved his back? Now, we’re not saying you need a watch that does all the things 007’s does (though that would be awesome) but you need to find the best one for you.

A watch can be more than just something to keep you punctual.  With smart phones in most people’s pockets to tell them the time these days, watches are now more than ever a fashion statement too. Whether you are lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere this summer or you are just staying put, there are a few things to think about before buying your new watch. Yes, aesthetics are important but it also needs to do what you want it to do, so there are a few things you need to ask yourself. When and where will you be wearing it, do you prefer analogue or digital, a leather or metal strap, price, style?  So many things to think about! Don’t panic, here are a few recommendations to help you out.


Analogue or Digital?

A big choice to make is whether you prefer the classic, old school analogue or the new school digital display.  The  Casio Silver Stainless Analogue Watch is a great example of the former, with a smart linked strap and a good looking face.


casio silver stainless analogue


For the digital jet setter there is the Casio Black Digital World Time Illuminator Watch with it’s world map and time zone display which would be perfect if you are going to be travelling around a bit.


casio digital world time illuminator watch


Dress Watch

For those more formal occasions you might want to go for a slightly more elegant looking watch.  Well, look no further than the Casio Silver/Black Analogue Watch with it’s sleek, uncluttered design and comfortable leather strap it is guaranteed to make a good impression.


Casio black silver analogue watch


Sports Watches

If you are looking for something casual and you are on a bit of a budget the Casio White Sport Alarm Chronograph Watch could be just what you need.  These watches are rugged and will stand up to a bit of abuse. With features such as a stopwatch and underwater capabilities, these are great if you play any kind of sports or are planning a dip in the sea.


chronograph watch


The Casio G-Shock range of watches are like the daddies of the digital watch world!  They can be worn literally anywhere in the world, including at the bottom of the ocean or up at the North Pole. Plus, they have everything you would want a watch to have (within reason!) including analogue and digital displays, a calendar, countdown timers, stopwatch and more. These watches are both tough and bursting with clever features.


casio g-shock watch




Brighten up your outfit with one of the colourful Casio Digital Watches.  The simple, modern design comes in a few equally bright colours and is a great bargain. At that price you could even get a couple so you can coordinate with every outfit!


Casio bayb blue digital watch

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