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Tips on how to Care for your Levis Jeans! (Or any other brand of course)

We all have a pair of jeans in our wardrobes that we want to keep forever because they remind us of great times we had when we were younger or when we went on that great holiday with the lads.  Fortunately it is possible to continue wearing your favourite denims with a little care and attention – and of course making sure that your waistline remains the same size of course.  Here is a list of ten tips to help you look after your precious threads!

levis jeans

Put them in the Freezer not the Washing Machine!

Now before you say it – it does sound quite gross because however great your Levis Jeans look they do start to pong a little with prolonged wearing.  Jill Guenza, who is a design manager for Levis Strauss, revealed this gem of information during an interview with Elle Magazine.  Apparently a bacterium causes our jeans to smell in the way it does and although washing does get rid of the odour frequent washing is also quite destructive to the denim.    Putting jeans into the freezer over night kills the bacteria and removes the smell without damaging the denim.

Don’t Wash too Often

If the last suggestion horrified you then make sure that you wash your Levis Jeans as little as possible.  Leave it until your jeans are humming before you put them in the washing machine rather than washing them every time you wear them.  When you do decide that it is time to wash them do it as gently as possible and only tumble dry on a low temperature with other clothes so that you don’t dry the life out of your Levis jeans.

Shine them up with Baby Oil

Apply generous quantities of baby oil on to your every time you wear your jeans so that when you wear your favourite threads they will develop an amazing sheen and smell pretty good too.  This will also have the added affect of making your legs feel really smooth too.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

In order to ensure that your jeans look fantastic all of the time please make sure that you repair any tears in the denim.  The sooner you repair them the better as it limits the overall damage the tear can cause.  If you are not so great with a needle and thread find someone who is; friends, family or a professional tailor.  Levis Jeans look even better with a bit of individual character so the added stitching, if done well, will only look more stylish!

However you decide to care for your Levis Jeans make sure that you read the label and take note of the washing instructions so that you can mould the jeans to suit your individual style.

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