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Top 5 Clothing Items You Need To Buy This Fall

I don’t know about you but I get a feeling of nostalgia when I look outside and see how bad the weather is. No more hot sunny days, no more going outside in a pair of shorts, boat shoes and low-cut socks to make an impression.

Now I have to dress up really warm if I want to go anywhere. But that’s OK, I know how to look stylish no matter what the temperature is outside.

I’ll share some of the things I’m wearing this fall that are an absolute must in any man’s wardrobe. Plus, you’ll find out how to match each of them with the rest of your outfit. Here we go.

#5 A vest or t-shirt
If you wear shirts (which I hope you do for a classy look,), a vest is the perfect match to keep you warm. It’s stylish, it’s cheap to buy and it’s a great alternative to your sweater.

The secret to making a vest work with a dress shirt is to create a contrast. For instance, wear a white shirt with a black vest or a blue shirt with a white vest. There are dozens of combinations you can try.

Here’s a great tip for you. What you should do is buy several shirts and several vests that you can combine with one another. The cool thing about this is, when you mix and match them, you’ll give everyone the illusion you actually have more clothes than in reality.

Of course a plain t-shirt works just as well and I love to wear one of these Calvin Klein t-shirts under a shirt on the weekends.

Shirt with Vest Combo

#4 A blazer
Sports jackets or Blazers simply scream “style” when worn right. If you’re not really the leather jacket type of guy, you can wear one with your casual outfits and stand out from other guys. A sports jacket can be worn with things such as:

#3 A scarf
If it’s windy, don’t think you’ll prove everyone that you’re a man by not keeping warm. Men’s scarves have been around for a long time and are very, very stylish. I’m wearing them every day ever since it’s gotten cold outside.

#2 A cardigan
If you’re tired of wearing geeky sweaters, try an item of clothing chose by celebrities such as Zac Efron and David Beckham.

A cardigan can “dress up” an outfit but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in casual situations. Like the other 4 items in this article, you can wear it with jeans.


#1 A pair of brown brogue shoes
If you’re tired of the same leather shoes you’ve been wearing for years, try something different. Brogues have the so-called “wingtips” on them and are a staple in any classy wardrobe.

Wear your brown shoes with a pair of dark blue denim, a blue shirt and a brown belt.

Now that I gave you some cool ideas of what you can buy this autumn, there are only two things left for you to do:
1. Browse the selection at the Stand-Out website and decide what combos would look great on you…
2. Make a decision of what you like most then buy them!

If you keep repeating these two steps, in a year you’ll have a wardrobe that only real men can be proud of.

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