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Toughen Up With Alpha Industries Jackets


Established in 1959 in Knoxville Tennessee to manufacture hard wearing clothing for the American Military.  It would seem that Samuel Gelber had decided to form Alpha Industries at just the right time because the American Military required the services of such a company to manufacture tough clothing for all seasons.  A contract to produce the MA – 1 Flight Jacket secured the future of Alpha Industries and lead to further contracts from the Department Of Defence. In 1970 Alpha Industries diversified and produced clothing for civilians using exactly the same process as they did for the military.  The company secured its identity by incorporating the three stripe logo onto their clothing resulting in the Alpha Industries brand we are familiar with today.


Alpha Industries And Palladium Boots

Films such as Top Gun not only increased the number of Navy Aviator applicants by 500% it also brought the bomber jacket into the forefront of fashion.  We are all familiar with the iconic image of Tom Cruise on his motor bike with Tomcat planes reflected in his Aviator sunglasses.  Alpha Industries have now been trading for fifty five years and now produce hard wearing clothing for men, women and children.  They have adapted the ranges to incorporate different colours, styles and embellishments while still maintaining military standards of clothing.  This year they celebrated a collaboration with Palladium Boots which is extremely fitting as they both exist due to the aviation industry requiring their expertise.

jackets 5

Alpha Industries And Stand-Out.Net

Stand-Out.Net have always applauded good quality men’s fashion brands and Alpha Industries is of no exception.  We particularly like the combination of style and practically in Alpha Industries clothing.  The jackets we have in stock include the iconic MA-1 Flight Jacket with a twist as it is completely reversible, the traditional black design can be alternated with a bright orange lining meaning that you have two jackets for the price of one.  The other jackets in our collection are robust parker style that will guarantee that you will feel warm and comfortable how ever tempestuous the weather is outside.

black MA1-jacket orange bomber

If you would like to see our collection of Alpha Industries Clothing and Palladium Boots please come and visit us at Stand-out.net.


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