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Trainer Hacks – 5 Ways to Keep Your Sneaks Fresh

Gangs of puddles stagnate on each street corner, while crunchy leaves lurk in gangs beneath your feet. The dark truths of winter have crept out from behind their dust covered shells and wreaked havoc on the souls of our trainers for another year. But, don’t panic, below we cover 5 trainer hacks that will ward off any danger this winter and keep your sneaks looking fresh.

1. Water & Stain Repellent
We carefully protect almost everything we own, from mobile phone cases to fancy drill holders, almost everything we own we try to keep protected. Our trainers should be no different.
From nubuck to suede, every absorbent upper should be coated with a water based spray to give them a breathable, outside coating that ensures potential stains just bead right off.
Generally you are looking at a product that costs around £12 and all you need to do is spray your creps and leave them over night.

2. Storage
It is a very common and easy mistake to make in the excitement of opening a new pair of shoes to completely disregard the box whilst you parade around the kitchen with your latest fashion-find trying to explain why they are so special.

This is a sin that can be easily avoided. Save the box and save your trainers from the hell of being covered with infinite dust. No matter how many operations you perform on your beloved kicks the dust has been ingrained on them for life. The best thing you can do for a new pair of trainers is keep the box and store them carefully in your wardrobe.

3. Shoe Trees
Now you may think this is a bit excessive but as prevention is better than cure, it is always good to fill your vacant crepes with a shoe tree.

The principle is simple. Buy a shoe tree to match the value of your footwear. A plastic shoe tree will keep your trainers in shape and they will keep their high end appeal. However, you do get what you pay for. A cedar shoe tree preserves the shape of the shoe whilst wicking away any excess moisture. Aside from avoiding any discolouration this little hack will keep your shoes from producing any odours.

4. Attention to Detail
Laces, soles and a crisp white attitude are three key factors that often get overlooked when it comes to trainer protection.

Laces pick up dirt and grime and can quickly force your trainers to look a little dishevelled. The easiest way to combat this is to drop the laces into a bowl of hot soapy water and massage the dirt away. Alternatively just pick up a fresh white pair to finish the bad boys off.

The soles provide a base for all that you stand for. Keeping them clean is an essential, especially if they are white. Despite a number of techniques being fired your way the best method for this is to gently use a toothbrush to wash away any unwanted stains from your travels.

5. Give them a Wipe
Finally, and potentially the single best piece of advice we can give you when it comes to maintenance of your trainers, always wipe them straight away. Whatever the damage is; it will be better to attack it with a wet wipe straight away in order to preserve the condition of your most favoured sneakers.

Here are a few of our favourite trainers for you to enjoy.

Vans Glazed Ginger/Plaid Sk8-Hi Mte Trainers – £79.95
The Sk8-Hi MTE Trainers from Vans features round toe, padded collar, and branding to the heel and insole. With stripe detailing to the vulcanized rubber outsole, this Glazed Ginger/Plaid coloured pair of trainers for men also has lace-up fastening with eyelets, stitching details throughout and contrast stripe detail to the sides. These MTE also features warm lining, weatherized upper material, thermal heat retention layer between outsole and sock liner.


Saucony White Grid 8500 Trainers – £84.95
The Grid 8500 Trainers from Saucony features a lace up closure with blind eyelets, and extended grip tread. With stitching details throughout, these men’s trainers sport perforations to the sides and brand patch stitched to the tongue and brand name on the back of the shoes. It comes in White colour.


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