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Treat Your Dad To Socks This Father’s Day

Socks have always been considered to be a joke present because they sound so simplistic and a little bit boring.  This used to be in a time when footwear available for men was either formal or scruffy and socks tended to be white or black.  These days of course men have shoe collections that compete favourably with any women and wonderful shoes require interesting and comfortable socks. Wearing the right type of sock is very important because stunning shoes will draw everybody’s eyes to your feet and filthy socks with holes in will spoil any great effect achieved by your wonderful shoes.

Happy Socks Big Dot Gift Pack Of 4 Socks


These bright socks bursting with colour are brought to you by the brand, Happy Socks, which as the name suggests design socks that will make you smile. Your father’s face will not only light up with delight when he sees his present, the bright colours will reflect nicely off his face as soon as he has ripped the paper off.

Bjorn Borg 5 Pack Basic Seasonal Socks


Maybe your dad would prefer to wear bright but not patterned socks with his favourite shoes.  these blue hued offerings by Bjorn Borg are comfortable, practical and look really cool.

Carhartt College Socks


These white socks are for the feint hearted and those who are too scared to shock with bright colours.  Carhartt have produced these white socks with the father who doesn’t really want to be noticed but does want to look good in mind.

Lyle & Scott Stripe Socks


Sometimes a contrasting stripe is just enough to make socks a little more interesting.  These grey socks with a narrow black stripe from Lyle & Scott could be worn to work, especially as they have a teeny tiny lion logo on the side.

Polo Ralph Lauren 2 Pack Stripe Dots Socks


These regal navy and red dotty and striped socks from Polo Ralph Lauren have an air of sophistication about them and would suit a father who likes the best things in life.  These socks would look great with leather shoes and fitted suit.

Animal 3 Pack Socks


Anyone whose dad is a surf dude will know that these sporty socks from Animal have been made with blokes with salty sun bleached hair in mind – or those who aspire to life the surfing life.  If your dad cannot fulfil his oceanic dreams he could at least wear the right socks.

We have a wide range of socks and underwear available at Stand-Out.Net for you to choose from and an even wider range of gift ideas throughout the whole store for you to choose as a Father’s Day gift.


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