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UCLA Clothing – Hollywood’s hottest

UCLA Clothing is based on the uniforms and other clothing worn by members of the college of the same name: the University of California, Los Angeles. Many of Hollywood’s hottest stars have been spotted out and about in UCLA Clothing, but the college itself has become a star too, acting as the set in a number of blockbusters.

UCLA Clothing

The 1996 tongue in cheek horror flick starring David Arquette and Neve Campbell used a number of location in UCLA to shoot the hit movie.

Nutty Professor
This modern comedic take on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde sees a grossly overweight professor take a chemical to lose weight, only to become an obnoxious slim version of himself. The professor teaches at…UCLA.

Old School
This comedy with Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughan sees the trio attempt to relive their college glory days to get them out of a mid-30s rut. Hilarity inevitably ensues, including a scene when Will Ferrell’s character wrestles the dean of UCLA down the steps of a lecture theatre.

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