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Voi Jeans – How Distressing Denim Inspired A Brand!


In 1983 Abraham Bux opened his laundry in Preston Lancashire in order to distress and washing jeans for designer brands such as Lee, Wrangler, Next and River Island. The business was so successful that it processed 150,000 jeans every week.  By 1988 it was decided that instead of distressing jeans for other brands it was time for the family to develop their own brand and use their expertise to produce jeans in their own style.  A trip to Italy inspired the three brothers, Rizwan,  Asif and Feroz to name their brand, ‘Voi Jeans’, ‘Voi’ being the Italian for, ‘You’, and the whole ethos of the brand is about the focus of the brand being about You the customer and how you are the most important part of the whole process.  By 1994 production moved to locations around the world and this is when the world started to notice the brand. Most recently Voi Jeans have launched Voi Jeans India as there was seen to be a huge gap in the engineered jeans market in that area of the world.

Expanding the Voi Jeans Collection

As with every successful brand Voi Jeans have diversified and now include; chinos, t-shirts, shirts, jackets and various accessories in their collection.  Again they have kept You,  the consumer,  in mind and the price of garments remain reasonable and affordable.  Here is a selection from our own, newly arrived,  collection of Voi Jeans clothing.

Voi Jeans Cart 039 Regular Jeans

distressed jeans

We have chosen this particular style to show you because it demonstrates exactly how engineered jeans can be.  These distressed jeans are washed to within an inch of their own life, feature patch pockets at the front and have an adjustable strap at the back so that they can fit snuggly.

Voi Jeans Captive Long Sleeved Quilted Overshirt

quilted over shirt

This two toned grey quilted shirt is perfect for the change in season, this tailored design has contrasting shoulders and a logo stitched on to the left pocket.

Voi Jeans Infinity All Over Print T Shirt

infinity tshirt

This ribbed crew neck straight hemmed t-shirt is white with square print spread throughout the garment.  It is amazing how simple lines can be placed on a white garment and produce an eye catching design.

Voi Jeans Cuffed Jeans

cuffed jeans

These grey jeans have a look of the outdoors about them with contrasting dark grey ribbing on the waistband and dark flaps on the front pockets. The whole design makes them stand out, especially the cuff detail at the ankles – they are certainly worth a look.

Voi Jeans Ogden Long Sleeved Polo Shirt

long sleeved polo

This dark long sleeved polo shirt has wonderful pattern detail to the left shoulder and a yellow logo on the right hand chest pocket. It would most certainly allow you to be smart and warm at the same time.

If our Voi Jeans tasters have whetted your appetite for more garments from this range we have have more to look here at Stand-Out.Net


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