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Voi Jeans – It’s all About Socialising

Who isn’t on Facebook these days? Even my mum’s signed herself up and added more friends than me, so it’s only natural for a trend setter such as Voi Jeans to get their fingers in the social media pie.

So, ever since Myspace became the new Queen’s Head, and Facebook became the new Myspace (and so on and so forth), social media has simply become unstoppable. Voi clothing always has its finger on the pulse when it comes to fashion (and pretty much everything else in this world). Social-networking? Voi Jeans is all over it.

The Voi Jeans brand is about living on the cutting edge of fashion. Not following closely behind the movement, but rocking quietly on the edge to get there before the other brands do. “Wow, they’re even Facebooking!” you say. The Voi Jeans Company was probably on there wall-posting and friend-poking before Mark Zuckerberg even finished programming the platform. That’s how ahead they are.

Voi Clothing

Since its creation in 1988, the Voi Jeans philosophy has been to use revolutionary denim wash techniques and combining it with brilliant styling from around the world. With a history as denim launderers to top brands such as Lee and Levis, Voi Jeans are able to fuse function with fashion. What better way to celebrate such fine thinking and fine denim, than to morph into a social butterfly and network like crazy on the latest socialising website? Posted by for Stand Out.

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