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Walk with Style with Jeffery West Shoes

Jeffery West shoes are the brand to go to when it comes to footwear that allows you to look stylish without losing your individuality. Worn by popular celebrities such as David Beckham, Noel Gallagher, and Paul Weller, these shoes allow you to show off your rock-and-roll personality while remaining looking dapper.

Jeffery West is actually the brainchild of Mark Jeffery and Guy West, two friends who started their career in making designer shoes at the age of 16, wherein they bought the rejected mens shoes from the footwear factory of Mark’s father and then adding customized designs to these before selling these. They eventually took over the shoe factory upon the death of Mark’s father, and this eventually led to the Jeffery West mens shoes people know today.

The design of Jeffery West shoes are inspired by just about anything and everything, from 19th century fashion to pop culture. The designers are just as inspired by Keith Richards as they are by Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole when coming up with their shoe designs. As such, you their footwear range comes in all sorts of styles, colors, and patterns, allowing buyers to choose the footwear that best suits their tastes and their personality.

Of course, attractiveness is only one aspect of Jeffery West shoes. Made of high-quality leather, each of these shoes are made so that these will be able to take just about anything and everything the world throws at them, so buyers will essentially get beautiful, stylish footwear that will last for several years. You can bet that Jeffery West shoes are unlike mass-produced shoes, because Mark and Guy ensured that the shoes their brand will release will be able to represent the best of what the British can offer when it comes to footwear.

There are three types of Jeffery West footwear that you can choose from:
– Suedes. Suedes are the latest addition to Jeffery West shoes. While there are only a few styles in this line as of now, these have been well-received by the public, owing to the comfort and attractive appearance these shoes offer.
– Blake Stitched. If you’re looking for footwear that would look good enough to be worn on the red carpet, then these are the Jeffery West shoes for you. You have two types of shoes to choose from in this line: those that are made of leather that is polished to a mirror-like sheen, and those that are made of exotic leathers.
– Goodyear Welted. Goodyear Welted is the Jeffery West shoes line to check if you’re looking for footwear that you can wear on a daily basis, since these have been built for comfort as well as durability, ensuring that your feet are well-protected no matter what happens. This range of shoes has footwear for practically all kinds of occasions, from Chelsea boots to classic brogue shoes.

While Jeffery West shoes may seem expensive at first glance, these are actually worth the price you will be spending on these, not only because these look great, but also because these are extremely comfortable and highly durable, allowing you to get your money’s worth on your purchase.

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