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We Are The Mods: Parkas for Every Budget

So where is this Siberian winter that all the papers promised eh, with 15ft of snow transforming England into an Arctic wonderland and all the oceans freezing and stuff? I mean ok, it’s got colder, Jack Frost has stumbled drunkenly across my car windows on the odd night, and the central heating is well and truly ON, but really, it’s not exactly Baltic is it? If the entirely typical British weather has meant that you’ve not yet got ‘round to buying your winter coat this year, then good for you, you can now reward yourself by buying this season’s big winter winner: the Parka.

With a nod to the mods and even a bit of a wink (but not too much!) to the nineties revival and that incredible East 17 Stay Another Day vibe, the Parka is one of those classic iconic items that never really goes out of fashion. It is practical, hard-wearing, subculturally stylish, great in all weathers, and it has a GREAT BIG FURRY HOOD. What’s not to love?

Whatever your budget, there’s a parka for you, so check out our top picks:

Under £100

This Voi-Jeans Padded Two-tone Jacket in black and charcoal quilted cotton with a fur hood is a great entry level Parka, which incorporates the main features of the classic whilst keeping a very contemporary and current look. A very nice introduction to the pleasures of the furry snorkel, for those who are not quite ready for full on Parka commitment,  it comes in at an uber bargainous £59.


You can always rely on Carhartt to turn out great, sturdy and stylish versions of contemporary classics, like this Anchorage Parka Coat. Reasonably priced at £174, and rendered in tough, durable nylon, the luxurious fur hood is detachable, making this the perfect jacket to carry you through til spring.


At the top end of our Parka spectrum we have this offering from Hilfiger Denim. This olive coloured Nyo Fleece Lined Parka is the most reminiscent of the original mod style, whilst being super fresh and modern. This beast will keep your WARM – with a huge fur ruff and fleece lining on the hood – whilst the flattering cut of the double breasted shape will keep you looking trim and no matter how many mince pies you eat over the festive season.

Whatever the weather we end up with, you can be sure to wrap up in style on any budget.

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