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Wearing Franklin & Marshall Clothing With Pride

Franklin & Marshall Clothing, one of todays most popular brands, was founded by Andrea Pensiero and Giuseppe Allaberlli in 1999. They were both inspired by the vintage Franklin and Marshall sweatshirt they found in a second-hand clothing store in London. As two young entrepreneurs who have grown fond of the American culture, they decided to develop a new clothing line that will immortalize their genuine love for the USA. Today, Franklin and Marshall clothes are now sold in Paris, Milan, Rome, Tokyo, and international retailers that sell high-end clothing for men.

Franklin and Marshall

The essence of Franklin and Marshall
You can capture the real essence of Franklin and Marshall mens wear in a single phrase “vintage designs that express your heritage and personal identity”. Franklin & Marshall Clothing continues to distribute a wide range of shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets that are more than just pieces of clothing but also an actual record of your heritage. They also express the free spirit of young adults, which have turned them into a gateway to bringing back old memories to life. A spirit of adventure and curiosity also inspires every item that bears Franklin & Marshalls name.

Most men who shop for clothes do not only focus on how these clothing items look on them. To cater the needs of its growing client base, this company keeps its clients satisfied by ensuring flexibility in every piece of clothing it designs. Franklin & Marshall Clothing is comfortable, stylish, and functional so it has continued to take the fashion industry by storm. They also offer clothes that you can wear during cold, winter nights and lighter items that will keep you comfortable underneath a warm midday, sun.

If you want to prepare for summer, you will certainly need to buy some of Franklin and Marshalls signature polo shirts. While they are made of the finest materials, these cheap clothes do not cost as much as other designer brands do. Franklin and Marshall polo shirts feature a well-tailored slim-fit with wide collars, short sleeves, and bold varsity hues. They also have the distinct Franklin & Marshall Clothing logo embroidered onto their chest pockets. All of these shirts are made of 100% cotton so they are lightweight, breathable, and warm.

Buy clothes online and make a fashion statement
Franklin and Marshall t-shirts are also a must-have for men who love dressing up casually for the day. They go well with casual jeans and trainers, which will both add a distinct appeal to your look. Most of them also incorporate American Football-inspired logos and prints, which pay homage to the athletic spirit that breathes life into the brand. Some clothes also pay tribute to the most popular music icons with their underground culture-inspired prints, classic soul motifs, and other designs that will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

Hoodies, jogging pants, and tracksuits are also available in shops that offer authentic Franklin and Marshall merchandise. Whether you plan to dress up more casually or you just want to update your wardrobe, Franklin & Marshall Clothing will always have something in store for you.

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