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What a Blazer Says

Some items of clothing say more than others. When you wear a particular shirt, for instance, that looks different than the norm, people might remark, “Wow, cool shirt,” and then move on. All your shirt did for you is mark you as someone who is not afraid to break convention, nothing more.

Or, you can wear certain kind of jeans and people will say, “That looks great on you” (and they’ll really mean it!), but let’s face it: jeans don’t look too tremendously different one from another.

A few articles of clothing, though, do make a very loud and bold statement, and you don’t even need to get any oral feedback to know that you’ve communicated what you wanted to. The non-verbal communication will suffice. Men will straighten up a bit when they talk to you, and they’ll treat you with more respect than they usually do. Women will probably stand about 10 centimeters closer to you, hoping that they can get in at least one touch on that piece of clothing.

What item has that power? What garment says the same thing worldwide, namely, “I am stylish, I am serious but not too much, I go the extra mile to look great.”

It’s a blazer, that oft-neglected piece that does so much more than simply give your arms and shoulders a little more coverage. A blazer reeks of class, especially a nice tweed one. Years ago they were an essential part of any stylish man’s wardrobe, and they are (thankfully) making a comeback in recent years.

A blazer says that you want to look just a tad more formal than the next guy, that you don’t walk out of the house in a track suit and slippers, that you care a lot about the image that you are projecting through your clothes. Yes, a blazer says all of that. Any time a person sees a man in a blazer, s/he immediately concludes, “That’s a guy who cares about looking chic.” Who would object to that comment other than an unemployed gamer who wants to sit on his parents’ couch night and day until he’s 50?

Scotch and Soda, the Dutch designer that is noted for creating looks that please young and older men, features a variety of classic and trendy blazers that will make all sorts of statements for you without a word. You’ll wear the two-button tweed blazer for the next 10 years if your size doesn’t change, and the jacket blazer with the inner knit is a creative way to beat the elements and look stunning.

Scotch and Soda also offers a complete line of knits, shirts, pants, shorts, jeans and cardigans that look cutting-edge yet tasteful at the same time, a very difficult trick to pull off. The piece that will say the most, though, is a blazer. Throw one on the next time you walk out the door and tell me that no one reacts. I already know what will happen. People will whisper, “Oh, Robby finally got a little clothing sense!” That one blazer changed your entire image. Pretty powerful, huh? And, a lot cheaper than buying an entirely new wardrobe. Posted by for Stand Out.

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