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What Canterbury clothing can offer you

The Canterbury clothing brand is a sports apparel company based in New Zealand focusing on items for rugby enthusiasts. The company got its name after the area in New Zealand where the company started making knitwear. Aside from producing rugby kits, the Canterbury brand is also known for carrying protective gear for rugby, such as rugby boots, pads, and headgear, and other lifestyle clothing items. But to show you just how dedicated the clothing company is to the sport, its tagline is Canterbury: the world’s original rugby brand. As for its logo, it uses the silhouette of three Kiwi birds on three circular backgrounds to create the letters CCC, the initials of the Canterbury Clothing Company.

Canterbury clothing items are mostly distributed in rugby-playing nations. With a head office in Auckland, operations are spread in Brisbane, Australia; Manchester, United Kingdom; and Emeryville, California. The clothing company also made its move to support soccer teams by supplying the English Premier League team Portsmouth and the Football Kingz of New Zealand. Some of the Canterbury teams include the Scottish Rugby, SA Rugby, USA Rugby, Japan rugby team, Leinster Rugby, Cardiff Blues, London Wasps, Glasgow Warriors, Auckland Rugby, Cricket Wellington, Hockey NSW, LOU Rugby, Queensland State of Origin, WARATAHS, Vodafone Wellington Lions, Harbour Rugby, Otago Rugby Football Union, Rugby Southland, and the Royal Air Force Rugby 7s.

Canterbury clothing

Who better to become the ambassador for Canterbury clothing than one of the Canterbury rugby teams supported by the company, Bryan Habana, winger for the Springboks and also known to be the fastest man in the sport. You know Habana’s your man because he was recognized as the 2007 IRB World Player of the Year. In 2010 though, the international rugby legend goes back to his provincial roots by playing for the Western Province and Stormers.

A look at the clothing line reveals a number of Canterbury sports specials aimed at specifically aiding athletes improving their game. These clothes are identified as:

  • Built for the extremes garments are made to withstand the harsh, hard, hot grounds of Australia and South Africa, as well as the cold, rain-soaked, bone-chilling pitches in the northern hemisphere. Regardless of where you train then, you can be sure that your clothes can keep up with you.
  • Built like the real thing the company supports all sorts of rugby teams and understands that these teams have all sorts of supporters as well. As such, Canterbury’s Test Replica range is built using the same kind of durability, technology, and quality that goes into every uniform worn by the company’s supported teams. This way, you truly become one with the team as you show your support with pride.
  • Built for you Canterbury clothing also has a bespoke teamswear range that allows teams to customize whatever kind of color scheme they want to use so they can truly play with their team colors on their backs. Aside from colors though, all items are customized to suit whatever sport you play, be it hockey or cricket or football, at whatever level you’re in so you’ll really truly wear Canterbury the way you want to.

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