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What Do Gaz Beadle, The Lake District and Eleven Degrees Have In Common?


What do Gaz Beadle, the Lake District and Eleven Degrees have in common?  Most people will have heard of at least one of these, unless they have been hiding in isolation for the past few years.  First of all Gaz Beadle is the hunk from Geordie Shore, who thinks that he, ‘Should have a degree in pulling women’. Secondly The Lake District is an area made up of mountains and lakes and is situated north of Manchester and south of Scotland.  The Lake District has many towns and villages including one called Kendal.  Kendal is the birthplace of the clothing brand Eleven Degrees, who design and manufacture exciting threads that are modelled by Gaz Beadle!


Eleven Degrees only hatched in 2014 and has already got 25 thousand followers on Facebook and nearly 8,000 on Twitter.  The progress of their business seems to be pretty quick and has gained following from, Geordie Shore fans and those who appreciate fresh and effervescent clothing design.  Eleven Degrees is such a new company that the only information we have about the creative mind behind it, is by reading the local newspaper, ‘The North West Evening Mail’.

Christian Hoyle is the 36 year old entrepreneur behind Eleven Degrees.  Christian Hoyle already owns a restaurant and half a hairdressers in Kendal.  In an interview with The North West Evening Mail,  ‘Mr Hoyle said: “We are aiming at the new-found man, between 14 and 30, who really cares about his appearance.”’ Eleven Degrees is certainly the brand to watch, as Christian Hoyle plans to build up his collection up to 100 pieces within the next five years.

christian hoyle

At Stand-Out.Net we pride ourselves in introducing our customers to up and coming brands and Eleven Degrees is of no exception.  At the moment we stock eight Eleven Degrees T-shirts – each with their own individual design and interesting detail.

group 1

The first four t-shirts are the;  Eleven Degrees Vertical Cut Sew Floral T-Shirt, Eleven Degrees Brand Carrier Logo T-Shirt in white, Eleven Degrees Brand Carrier T-Shirt in black and the Eleven Degrees Lotus Fade T-Shirt.  All of these t-shirts have the Eleven Degrees logo printed on the left hand side of the chest and have a twist on traditional t-shirt design.

group 2

The next four t-shirts are the; Eleven Degrees All Over Paisley T-Shirt, Eleven Degrees Paisley Logo T-Shirt in black, Eleven Degrees Paisley Logo T-Shirt in white and the Eleven Degrees Vertical Cut Sew Paisley T- Shirt.  Again these t-shirts have the Eleven Degrees logo on the front left hand side and have patterned detail to the sleeve cuffs.

Eleven Degrees is definitely a brand to watch and as their collection grows we will see many more exciting and innovative designs.


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