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What Will you be Wearing to Glastonbury This Week?

standout 2

The countdown is nearly over as tomorrow thousands of music lovers will be descending on Worthy Farm in Somerset to celebrate the 44th year of the Glastonbury Festival.  In 1970, the day after music legend Jimi Hendrix died,  and only a few people were aware of the festival 1,500 revellers paid a pound to see greats such as; Marc Bolan and Keith Christmas.  Last year saw the festival emerge like a phoenix from the ashes after a fallow year in 2011 and a year off in 2012.  Acts such as the Arctic Monkeys and the Rolling Stones  prompted organisers Michael and Emily Rose to post on the Festival website early on the Monday morning, ‘ Thank you for making it a truly vintage year for Glastonbury.  It really was one of the best.’

Comfort and Style

Let’s face it with a few rare exceptions festivals have the potential to suffer from the extreme effects of the elements and the camping area becomes a mud bath.  If you have ever been camping before then you will know that comfort win over fashion every time.  As well as selecting your festival gear it would be prudent to take a number of changes of clothing and some thermals so you can party on throughout the whole weekend without just relying on the alcohol and festive spirit to keep you warm.

Some Festival Staples

Apart from the tent, Pot Noodles and a sack load of beer you will have to make sure that you do wear the clothes that give you the right look as you most definitely don’t want to Stand-out for the wrong reasons.  We have chosen a selection that would look great, especially when the weather is good,  We have tried to cater for all temperatures and suggest that you bring your own wellies and extreme rain gear for the worst days because nobody will actually care what you are wearing then.

religion god save the queen

cross hatch shorts

spiral galaxy tshirt

bellfield sunglasses

replay distressed

levis denim shirt

new balance trainers

havana flip flops

bench waterproof


If you like the Festival look but only in your own back garden then visit our Summer Shop for all of your summer and festival needs.


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