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What you should be wearing with your England Shirt – World Cup 2014

Maybe what you will be wearing on June the 14th 2014 will not be the most important thing that you will be thinking of.  More likely you will be psyching yourself up to watch England playing their first heat in the World Cup 2014 against Italy in the warm climate of Brazil.  Every time there is a world cup England players get suited and booted ready to win the whole event only to be beaten very early on in the game and arrive home with lessons to be learnt.  This year there is a distinct possibility that the England Squad will be home before their postcards have arrived home because they will be playing Euro 2012 finalist Italy in the first match.

Saturday 14th June 2014

It goes without saying that you will definitely be wearing your England shirt to watch the match, when else would you get the opportunity to share this special moment and wear your shirt in such an atmosphere of comradeship?  The best thing about the England strip is that is tasteful and corresponds with the concept of having a well considered logo on a crisp white shirt.  The versatility of a white shirt means that you can wear it with any combination of clothes that will suit the weather.  With the English climate being so variable and unpredictable we are going to consider garments suited to cooler weather and those suited to warmer weather.

England 2014 World Cup Home Kit (3)

Diesel Jeans and the Evening Chill

The young frisky England squad will most certainly be feeling the heat of the Brazilian sun and will find the weather stifling even at six o’clock in the evening when they are set to play.  However we may not be so lucky – the weather has been a little dull all day then it will start to get cooler during the evening so it would be prudent to choose to wear a pair of jeans with your shirt and take a warm hoodie to wear when you leave the pub later that evening.  We think that these Diesel Jeans would be a perfect choice because they are smart and casual at the same time and would look great with any type of foot wear.

diesel jeans

Duck and Cover and the Evening Sun

If the weather is warm all day this may be a good omen but it is also a bonus because it means that you can dress casually in your shorts.  These Duck and Cover green combat shorts are perfect for wearing in the sun in the beer garden and will cool you down when in the bar cheering on the England team.  We have chosen these combat shorts because they have a fantastic array of pockets for you to put your phone, wallet and taxi money in and the colour is so striking that you are certain to look and feel great.

duck and cover

It is not the Winning but the taking part that is Important

Whether you agree with this statement or not you will agree that being part of such a fantastic event is exciting and thrilling.  Whatever you decide to wear to watch the match on June 14th make sure that you feel great and enjoy the moment.  Check out the rest of our range to gleam inspiration for what to wear with your World Cup 2014 shirt at our site www.stand-out.net

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