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What your Vest says about you!

Do you reach for a vest as soon as the sun comes our way?  Are they your beach wear of choice or just reserved for the gym?  Wherever you wear them, they may say a lot about you (not behind your back, obviously, that would be weird…) so be sure to think carefully about your vest choice…or just get yourself one of each, that way you have one for every mood and occasion!


Plain and simple

White Vest


You like something that will work with everything, like thiOriginal Penguin Earl Tank Vest.  A basic vest is simple and understated and easy to coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe.  Great for whatever occasion – the gym, under a shirt, in bed, on the beach, just hanging out…the list goes on.


Bold and Bright

F and M vest


A statement vest to say the least!  These vests are certainly loud and proud and you quite possibly have the personality to match. Whether it’s florescent, stripy or comes complete with a slogan, it brightens up your day and everyone else’s!  This Franklin and Marshall Triple Colour Vest  does the job nicely.


Sporty and Casual

Basketball vest


Maybe you love watching sports, maybe you play sports, maybe you don’t, maybe you just want a silk vest, whatever the reason you love working this casual, sporty look.  The Sik Silk Basketball Vest would perfect for the gym, on the pitch or on the court.


Pocket Vest

pocket vest


You’re a pretty normal guy who likes a bit of subtle detail on his vests. You never put anything in your pocket but you just like to know it’s there; it’s your reassurance just  in case you run out of space in your trouser pockets!  The Voi Jeans Cloud Dancer Steer Vest is just one of  many that has the perfect pocket for you.


Patterned and Floral

bird vest


An even stronger statement!  You’re young, fun and want people to know that you’re wearing a patterned vest and you love it.  You like a daring fashion choice and welcome the reactions you receive when you wear it.  Floral and animal prints aren’t just for girls, no, no, no and you want to let the world know it.  This Native Youth Bird Vest will be great for the summer holidays.


Pairing your vest with other items can transform your look. Try it with a blazer and some pumps for a smarter, nautical look.  Or sling on a pair of skinny jeans and some Converse and you’ve got an outfit which is ideal for shopping, drinking and just hanging out.  If you’ve got the biceps and abs to pull it off (or not!) you might just go with a pair of joggers and trainers for a session in the gym, or you could team it up with a pair of board shorts and flip flops for a laid back look for the summer season.

However you wear them, vests are the versatile must-have for the summer!

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