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Which Men’s Fashion Trends Are Being Revived in 2014?

In 2013 we saw a few fashion trends of past creeping their way back onto the rails. A popular one being t-shirts of classic rock bands like Guns N Roses and the Rolling Stones.  Whether people were actually a fan of the band or not, it was a common sight to see tops emblazoned with the bands’ name and logos.  Throughout history fashion trends repeat themselves and will always continue to do so.  Here we have picked out a few that are making their way back into wardrobes this year.


Many designers have reinvented the camouflage this year.  Of course it is a print we are used to seeing but it has faded out of the high street shops over recent years and is now mostly just seen on the armed forces.  For 2014 it has been updated and experimented with so get ready to see lots of variations in colour and style of camouflage on a range of different items of clothing.  Just be careful not to go overboard and deck yourself out in it head to toe…no one will be able to find you!

g - star camo t shirt

G-Star Combat Troupman T-shirt

humour myrtill sweatshirt

Humour rosin Myrtill Sweatshirt



The nautical look isn’t just for those days spent out at sea (because we all have those days, right)?  It has been a trend we have seen on and off in recent years, both for men and women, and it is yet again making a comeback for the summer months.  This look is versatile, easy to wear and works well both when the sun is shining and when the clouds are up above.  When you think nautical you think stripes, nautical themed prints, cargo shorts or trousers, stripy tops, blazers, and deck shoes (and possibly raincoats too if you are on British shores)!  Colour-wise you think blue, white, red and beige.  The look below would be the more casual nautical style but throw on some smart white trousers and a blazer and you’ve got yourself a very smart look.

vans nautical

Vans Blue Stripes 106 vulcanized

shorts beige

Bellfield Stone Chino Shorts



Florals are a big trend from the 50s that are making a comeback. Always a common sight in women’s fashion but they are now taking over men’s as well.  If you can pull off this look it is the ultimate symbol of masculinity.  Now this is the perfect time of year for getting the florals out and experimenting for a really summery look. If it seems a little daring to you why not start with something quite subtle like this Religion Blue Floral Morning Shirt or the Franklin & Marshall White Floral Arch T-Shirt.  If you are feeling bold and bright and want to step up your flower game go for something like these Original Penguin Floral Flower Power Shorts. Remember to match or layer a floral item up with a plain item though so as you don’t want to be looking like a mismatched flowerbed now do you?.

religion morning shirt



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