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Which T shirts Suit your gym toned body the best?

While everyone else has been hibernating throughout the winter you have been thrusting those dumbbells, carrying hoses, jumping boxes and doing sit ups as if your life depended on it.  They are all just waking up to the flab on their chests and stomachs but not you – your body is toned to perfection and the warmer weather is going to allow you to show all of your hard work off.  Check out these well fitting t-shirts to see which one will show the contours of your gym toned body to the fullest!

Solid Blue Haseen T-shirt

What better way to show those iron man credentials than a design favoured by Superman himself! This blue t-shirt is not only cleverly designed to show off your bulging muscles it also bears the insignia of probably one of the most popular super heroes the world has ever known.  If you didn’t spend as much time in the gym as you wished you should then the large red and yellow, ‘S’ is very forgiving and will draw attention from any wobbles.


Original Penguin Blue Sapphire Flock Logo T-shirt

An icon of style and taste original Penguin always comes up trumps when they design their t-shirts.  The ability to combine a great choice of colour and flattering cut makes this t-shirt earn the Penguin name with flying colours.  Your six pack or two pack would look fantastic under this sapphire blue t-shirt that is designed to skim your contours perfectly.  This t-shirt most certainly would suit anyone who is dedicated to making their body look fantastic!


Franklin & Marshall White V-neck Badge T-Shirt

No T-shirt collection would be complete without a white v-neck t-shirt, the slight sheerness of the colour allows a sneaky peak at what delights lie beneath.  The straight hemline prevents a baggy fit and therefore allows all of your hard gym work to be seen by all.  The discrete Franklin & Marshall logo sits comfortably on the left hand side of your chest making sure that all of the attention is on your great body work.

franklin and marshall

G-Star Blue Ace Slim T-Shirt

For those hardcore gym bunnies this t-shirt is the big tamale!  Designed in slim fit with a straight hem this Blue Ace slim t-shirt is perfectly designed to show off a well honed gym body.  If you have been working hard dropping body fat through high cardio exercises, high protein diets and stomached high protein shakes you deserve to be able to wear this t-shirt with pride.  Not only does it say, ‘raw’, on the front – the man inside the t-shirt is raw with power and muscle.


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