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Who were the Best Dressed Men of 2014?

Eddie Redmayne has topped many publications’ best dressed list this year. Any guy that can pull off tartan, mint green, checked AND velvet suits as well as Eddie can gets a thumbs up in our book.  He loves his tailoring though we rarely see him in a standard black or grey suit. Subtly eccentric you might say. All in all a quintessentially English gent…makes the rest of us look bad doesn’t he…?


David Beckham of course makes the list again this year. The guy can do no wrong. Beckham sticks to quite conventional clothing choices but he works them like no one else. His kids are also set to be following in his footsteps. Romeo, aka mini Beckham, is doing a pretty good job with some big fashion names this year (Burberry to be exact) and is sure to be appearing on plenty of best dressed lists in the future.


Great, now we’re jealous of a 12 year old.


No surprise here, Benedict Cumberbatch of course. Sherlock always keeps it classy with a sense of style that is just as English as his name. He’s a great style icon for the taller slimmer gent, showing exactly the right way to wear a suit.


Will he be the next James Bond or won’t he? Idris Elba has already got the style and suaveness down to a tee. This year we’ve seen him work the red carpet with casual, smart-casual and super smart looks and he nailed them all. If you need to see how to wear an overcoat properly, look no further than this guy.


Not to everyone’s taste but we can’t deny that Kanye West has been gaining himself some serious fashion icon status again this year. He made the extra long t-shirt a key item for guys in 2014. With his unconventional style he is certainly not afraid to stand out from the crowd!


We had to give a special honourable mention to another little man too, everyone’s favourite Prince, Prince George. We’ve never seen dungarees worn so well, plus there is not one hair out of place on this kid! We can’t wait until he gets a bit older and starts dressing himself.


Who would you add to the list of 2014’s best dressed men?

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