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Why The Polo Shirt Is Making A Comeback This Summer

With the introduction of different fabrics and modern new cuts, the polo shirt has cast off its reputation of being worn exclusively for sports and for PE lessons.  Once the the favourite garment of golfers and tennis players but now a versatile stylish alternative to wearing a  short sleeved shirt in the summer months. Originally Lacoste dominated the polo shirt market with its basic white design now brands such as; Duck and Cover, Bewley and Ritch, Religion, Diesel and many more have all redesigned the basic polo shirt to fit in with the ethos of their brand.

At Stand-Out.Net we have a wide variety of polo shirts in our collection but we have chosen to show case nine of our favourites.

Duck and Cover Cedric Bird Graphic Polo Shirt


This 100% cotton machine washable polo shirt in midnight blue is decorated with a repeating Cedric Bird pattern completely loses the traditional polo shirt look in its fitted design and fine weave.

Bewley and Ritch Hudson Polka Dot polo Shirt


If you want to highlight the muscles in your arms you should consider choosing this 100% cotton navy polo shirt with polka dots.  The fitted arms betray all of the time you have spent beefing up in the gym.

Religion Plain Polo Shirt


From the front this plain white cotton polo shirt looks very traditional, but if you turn around everyone will see that you are not quite as straight laced as you may seem.  With a huge cross running down the back of the shirt it is obvious to see that this is no ordinary white polo shirt.

Carhartt Wild Rose Polo Shirt


With a beautiful rose design there is very little to suggest that this polo shirt is just for wearing on the golf course or tennis court.  This 100% cotton shirt would look very much at home in the beer garden or at a barbecue.

Lyle and Scott Polo Shirt


In rich claret, this fitted polo shirt gives off an air of class and style.  You can enjoy looking regal and feel cool at the same time with this 100% cotton shirt.

Voi Jeans Tramore Polo Shirt


The colour of this polo shirt is described as, Black Iris, but has a distinct blue hue.  The design incorporates many contrasting shades and patterns of blue in extremely small stylish doses.

Hilfiger Denim Pilot Flag Polo Shirt


In heather grey, this understated polo shirt tells us that you are discerning and are fully up to date with this years colours.  Not only does it look comfortable it is made from 100% cotton meaning that you will remain cool in any situations life may throw at you.

Gant Solid Pique Rugger Polo Shirt


Also available in green and blue, this raw pink polo shirt is extremely masculine indeed.  This cool polo shirt is fitted enough to show that you look after yourself but is loose enough for you to enjoy messing around with your mates.

Diesel Yahei Polo Shirt


Wow is all we can say about the fit and appearance of this fantastic black polo shirt.  Simply worn with your favourite pair of jeans this polo shirt is made for the man who likes to look after himself.

We have shown you just a taster of our whole collection, if you would like to see all of the polo shirts we have in stock, click here.


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