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Why We Love To Wear Flip Flops


I know it may seem a little premature, getting excited about wearing flip flops just because we have had a few sunny days.  The thought of flip flops bring memories of being relaxed and and enjoying either the company of our friends or silent adventures by ourselves.  We call these thonged sandals flip flops because that is the sound that they make when we walk. Flip flops are known by different names by different cultures such as, ‘air sandals’, in India, ‘thongs’, in Australia and,  ‘Jandals’, in New Zealand.

The Vietnamese use the name , ‘smagul,’ from the word smuggled because the shoe design was inspired by the footwear American soldiers wore after serving in the war in these parts of the world.  Since the 1960’s flip flops have become very popular indeed.  We do have to remember that the origins of the footwear design is in Ancient times when the Greeks and Egyptians wore them to walk around in.  You may have worn flip flops and a white sheet at a toga party.

That’s enough  historical facts about flip flops, we want to show you why we are still in love with them in 2015.  The first thing you will notice about flip flops is that they are not made of natural materials.  Flip flops these days are engineered to fit well and designed to look fantastic.  You can almost get away with wearing flip flops to more formal functions, but I would check the dress code first.  At Stand-Out.Net we stock flip flops by Havaianas, Vans, Religion and Lacoste, all have the familiar t-bar design but have introduced their own style differentiating them from each other.

Havaianas Flip Flops


Havaianas were created in Brazil in the sixties and are made with a secret rubber formula that allegedly makes the most versatile and comfortable footwear you can buy.  Havaiana Flip Flops are available in many different colour combinations are hard wearing and extremely comfortable.  If you prefer your feet to be more covered Havaianas have a range of comfortable espadrilles as well.

Vans Flip Flops

Vans Hanelei Authentic Flip FlopsVans Hanelei Flip Flops

The Vans range of Authentic Hanelei flip flops feature graphics on the upper sole with big brand logo. They also come with a narrow strap and a serrations for better traction on both the uppers and soles along with branding on strap. Available in red and white, stars and stripes (the good ‘ol US of A), navy and black and white checkers. Super comfy, vibrantly trendy and under a tenner – you can’t go wrong with that!

Religion Flip Flops

Religion Splat Sliders Flip Flops

Fancy a bit of horror or Gothic on your feet? Take your pick! The Religion range of flip flops offer the black emblem or praying skeleton, both with narrow straps and serrated soles for better traction or the splat slide-on, with black rubber foot-beds and sporting the brand name on the sides with a splatter design on.

Lacoste Flip Flops

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We all love Lacoste and have been wearing that cute crocodile on our chests since 1933 when Rene Lacoste invented the polo shirt and other tennis equipment.  You may not find, love’, on the tennis courts when wearing Lacoste Flip Flops but you may find romance at the beach bar.  Lacoste remains a popular brand and have designed a collection of, sliders’, or slip on sandals if you only like the sand between your toes.

If you would like to see our complete flip flop and beach shoes range, click on this link and be ready for a fun filled summer.

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