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Winter Wardrobe & Workout Revival

Time spent in the gym and not seeing the results you wanted?

Now is not the time to turn back, there’s no need to throw in the towel and admit defeat just yet… you definitely have a few more rounds left in you! With just a few tips to revive your workout this winter, whether you are bulking or slimming down, you can be back on track in no time.

Going to the gym three times a week, creatine each morning or hitting the road at the weekend, there is proven research to show that it is pointless without targets. Week by week goals allow you track your progress and see results. Make small attainable targets each week will allow you to constantly monitor how you are getting on and boost confidence.

The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that men who weighed themselves every day lost on average 6kg more over 6 months than there more casual counterparts.

Meet regular targets and see your progress soar.

Fuel the Machine
Think you have the basic nutrition routines on point? Think again.

Carbs before exercise and protein after is a good start, but, it is important to understand this further. Starchy white carbs such as white bread, white rice and plain pasta are hard to process efficiently meaning more of this fuel will be stored as fat.

Unrefined Carbs such as brown rice and porridge oats will drip feed energy to your working muscles and allow you process more efficiently.

Add whole grains to your diet and turn down the processed food to add power to your punch.

Don’t just Pump Iron. Eat It!
A regular feeling of lethargy and feeling like your general well-being has taken a stiff right hook points directly to a lack of iron in your diet.

The journal Quality of Life Research has proven that boosting your iron intake with lean meats and vegetables that are rich in the mineral such kale, spinach and rocket is a sure way to counter those hits you feel like you have taken.

Fight with Form
Your body can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Learning to improve your stride gait or getting some tips on keeping your form in check will allow you to lift heavier, run further and keep you from any injuries.

Consider getting some advice from some of the experts which could keep you leaner for life.

Keep On your Toes
Use the same fitness combinations and your body will start to read you like a book.

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that people who switched up their routine made greater muscle gains over 8 weeks than people stuck with one form of attack.

Book into a class or change the combinations of exercises that work the same muscle groups will ramp up your progress and stop your workouts from becoming dull.

Wardrobe Revival
Just like your workouts, your wardrobe needs to be freshened up with change of the season. Keep in check with the latest fashion trends by heading over to our website www.stand-out.net or check out some of our knockout blows below.

The Trapper Parka Fur Trim Jacket from Carhartt WIP comes in a Black/Black colour, featuring a removable fur trim. With zip closure, along with buttoned flap cover to the front, four front pockets with side entry pockets, this jacket sports the brand tab on the bottom front pocket. This jacket in regular fit also has an inside pocket.


G-Star offers these Revend Super Slim Fit Jeans in Medium Aged Antic, with a zip fly and front button closure. With a five-pocket design, featuring in devon stretch denim fabric, these jeans sport a brand tab behind the fixed waistband and reinforced pockets.


Available in Black design, the Edad Runner Trainers from Hype feature a suede upper, and extended grip tread. These men’s trainers sports branding. These trainers also feature brand patch stitched to the tongue and lace up closure with blind eyelets.


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