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You’ll Need to Stay Warm to Go Green

One of the things I love about Europe is its many pedestrian streets and the habits of its people. Europeans don’t drive everywhere, like people on other continents. They walk whenever they can, taking in the sights, saving the environment and cutting down on urban pollution. During the periods that I’ve lived in Europe, I’ve had no problems maintaining my waistline because I walk almost everywhere and drink in some of the coolest scenes anywhere.

It’s possible to walk so much because many European cities are designed to be walk-able. A person can go by the market, post a letter, pick up a gift and grab some fresh bread all within several blocks of his flat. It’s quite a shock to travel to other places, America for example, and realize just how much the entire lifestyle is built on the automobile — no sidewalks, no pedestrian zones, shops spread out all across town in designated zones miles and miles from any homes. Europe offers a refreshing change that correlates well with our collective need to go green. A person has to jump into his car far less frequently to simply live life on a daily basis, and the promenades in the city never cease to please.


One fact about walking all over a European city: you’re going to have to dress appropriately for it. As you spend more time outside, you’re going to need clothes that can keep you warm and snug as you accumulate the kilometers while running errands or simply going for a stroll. You’ll quickly realize that certain body parts get very cold when they are exposed, parts you haven’t thought about for awhile like your neck, your wrists, your ankles. You’re going to need to be amply covered to trek around in the cool mists and crisp air of fall, winter and early spring.

One retailer that understands your need to button up while you go green is Selected clothing, a designer out of Denmark, where people walk everywhere in all sorts of challenging weather. Selected designs its line with the knowledge of that culture, and they have a superb line of knits that can withstand any icy wind in either sporty V-necks or with three large buttons that go all the way up to your chin to keep the chill out. You’ll appreciate that coverage as you traipse about next Saturday morning.

Selected also features a variety of classic coats that not only block all intrusive breezes, but look fantastic in the process. Their herringbone jacket will be the envy of your office, and their double breasted jackets offer an even more stylish look that will keep you warm. Selected offers all of these pedestrian-friendly garments at extremely reasonable prices as well. They know that you don’t have a millionaire’s budget, but you still want to dress like one.

For super classy shirts and pants to wear under its durable outerwear, Selected has also designed an attractive variety that can suit almost any occasion. Go green, walk to work and play, but dress warmly to keep your spirits up and your resolve in place. A brief jaunt outside in winter’s icy grip could make you swear off walking forever. You need Selected clothing to make every stroll outside a pleasant and memorable one. Posted by for Stand Out.

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