11 Degrees Clothing

Born: 2014 - South Lakeland, England | 11 Degrees is a new and exciting lifestyle brand with a wide selection of mens t-shirts, vests and hoodies. Fronted by Gaz from Geordie Shore. Random Fact: By the year 2100, they predict the global temperature could rise by more than 11 degrees Fahrenheit.

11 degrees clothing is a casual street wear which includes a great range of t-shirts, joggers, sweatshirts and hoodies with bold prints and creative patterns. The branding is minimalistic: the classic 11 degrees joggers and hoodies across. However, it has a fresh and often surprising attention to detail as in the use of print and mesh.

The different variety of 11 degrees clothes is great – different patterns on the 11 degrees t shirts, different styles of joggers and sweatshirts. Knowing that eleven degrees clothing only started in 2014 the brand has really sky rocketed in such a short amount of time.

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